How Seven Springs Got Its Name

Seven Springs Real Estate is named for seven spring-fed waterways flowing through Central Texas:  The Colorado, Blanco, San Marcos, Comal, Guadalupe, Frio, and Pedernales Rivers. Lindsey Keller, the company founder, grew up splashing in the cool clear waters of these local rivers, and even now, jumping back into them reminds her that she’s at home.

That feeling of home is what we want to help our clients accomplish.  Home is more than just a house where you store your stuff and sleep.  Home is a place you express yourself, a place you feel understood. It’s feeling of being connected to the community around you in meaningful ways.

If you drive down to San Marcos and step into a glass-bottom boat on Spring Lake, you can see more than 200 springs flowing up from the Edwards Aquifer, often producing more than 100 million gallons of icy clear water a day. The springs bring life and vitality to the community around them.  To us, springs represent freshness and connection.  We can’t think of a better name to operate under, as we seek to do the same for the communities we support.