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Stouthaus: Michelle Dennis

Michelle Dennis is the beer buyer at Stouthaus Coffee Pub located at 4715 S Lamar Blvd.  Her job description matches every beer lover’s dream.  She learns about beer, tastes beer, chooses beer and talks about beer.  I pulled up a bar stool to see what I could learn. We started talking about her specific tastes.

“I really like IPAs. There are so many to choose from, all featuring different hops and different hop combinations. Hops can be fruity, floral, citric, piney -- and just because a beer is hoppy doesn't mean it's bitter; it depends on when and how the hops are used during the brewing process."

Dennis was effortlessly educating me on the nuances of beer.  She would describe her preferences and relate them to what her customers want, especially when it gets hot.

“A lager designed to be crisp and clean and cold, perfect for the hot weather.”

Dennis must know season to season what to have ready for Stouthaus customers.  She knows the local beers sell fast.

“I’ve noticed the local stuff goes faster.  Austinites really love Austin beer,” Dennis said. I do like local breweries a lot, but I also like finding really interesting [craft breweries] because there are so many interesting ones out there.”

One of Stouthaus’s most promoted annual events is their Oktoberfest, which is coming up in a few weeks.  Stouthaus has exceptionally high standards for their beer. Michelle must choose the right beers from Germany to make the Oktoberfest celebration as authentic as the lederhosen and accordion music Stouthaus will be featuring that day.

“We will have four different Oktoberfest beers, two from Germany and two from U.S. craft breweries. You have to order those early because [they come in from] Germany. So they sell out really fast.  We start serving them at the end of September. I'll tap all of those on the actual Octoberfest day.”

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