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Kyle Cyclery: Mark and Rachel Adams

"We need to get the word out and talk to people and have Good Vibes and work on the huffies and do all of that stuff. That is what good customer service means and that is incredibly important to both of our philosophies running this shop."

The Perfect Bite: Jason Goad

“I’ve seen lots of difficult situations for folks.  These people can barely afford food and they need counseling.  I could have more money, but money is not that important to me. For me it has always been about the service.”

Copper Creek Ranch: Jon and Amanda Sylvie

“The soil makes a huge difference. The soil [on our ranch] goes from high iron with granite compared to more acidic soil. The nutrients are different. It makes a difference.”

The Hive: Shelly Weiser

“I love the fact that South Austin still has that Austin vibe. It feels like everybody in South Austin is wanting to grow together and keep it Austin.”

Praxis Coffee: Seth McCain

“Our goal is to represent our farmers by roasting it well. We want to highlight the sustainability of coffee. Our goal is to highlight the coffee and the people who put their livelihoods into it.”

Stouthaus: James and Sandy Hughes

“We don't have a coffee drive though. We’ve resisted that because we want to know you. We want you to come in and get out of your car and take time to get to know not only us, but the other [people coming in].”

Wrigleyville South: Brian Jones

“If you’ve never had a Chicago style hot dog it is the way to eat a hot dog. We get all our beef from Chicago. Everything is authentic.”

Stouthaus: Michelle Dennis

“I’ve noticed the local stuff goes faster. Austinites really love Austin beer. I do like local breweries a lot, but I also like finding really interesting [craft breweries] because there are so many interesting ones out there.”

Hawaii Nei Cafe: Jay Henry and Loryn Agpalza

“There is no competition for our genre of food,” Henry said. “Our concept is you come have lunch with us then you get on a plane and go to Hawaii you get off and have plate lunches and it’s the same thing.”

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